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The wind energy industry is growing rapidly, with more and larger turbines in commission than ever before. Unfortunately, there are plenty of things that can go wrong in even the most advanced and well-constructed wind turbine system. Bearings, gearboxes, shafts, motors and lubrication systems can all degrade and fail. This leads to unplanned downtime, expensive maintenance, and ultimately an increased Levelised Cost of Electricity (LCoE).

SKF brings more than 20 years of experience in the wind industry and more than 100 years of experience with rotating machinery to bear with the introduction of Wind Assist. SKF know the problems that wind farm operators and owners face; remote operating locations, hard- (and even dangerous-) to-access machinery, and components that are constantly exposed to dust, water, salt, heavy loads and high levels of vibration. Wind Assist has been developed with these challenges in mind.

Wind Assist is an innovative and comprehensive package of installation and maintenance services, customer training, component remanufacturing and the latest industry-specific products. These include bearings, housings and seals designed to cope with the tough operating conditions, and automated lubrication and remote condition monitoring systems that will help you maximise uptime and reduce time-consuming and difficult maintenance activities.

In addition, with Wind Assist, wind farm owners, operators and maintenance companies get access to SKF’s considerable knowledge, experience and expertise; SKF technicians and industry experts will work alongside wind farm owners and operators to provide all the help they need to increase turbine output, boost productivity, maximise efficiency and minimise costs.

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Optimizing wind farm performance with SKF WindLub automatic lubrication systems

Optimizing wind farm performance
with SKF WindLub automatic lubrication systems

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Partner with SKF for increased uptime and to improve LCOE on your wind farms

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 A compilation of all the wind energy technical articles featured in EVOLUTION magazine

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